Nikole Miller is a best selling author who writes hard hitting, inspirational fiction. She develops fictional characters to illustrate life's greatest struggles and highest joys. She has written 4 novels each well received as seen by the accolades below. These stories will touch your heart and give you hope.

What people say about Nikole's first novel, "Picking Up His Pieces"
"Wow!!! The best way to explain this novel is this: This author takes you down a rainy path called life. Although along the path you carried an umbrella, it didn't completely shield you from getting wet. Although you are wet and maybe even drenched, you don't allow it to stop you from walking. You must continue the journey, in order to make it to your destination. Eventually the sun will shine and your clothes will dry. But most importantly, one day you can explain to the next man how you made it through the rain. Ms. Morgan, thank you; because right now my daughter is in the rain (prison), but my God, I can see the sun. I ordered your book and sent it to her yesterday through Amazon. You are officially my favorite author."

Jean Thompson, Atlanta, Georgia

"OMG, What can I say about this book. WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL!!!!!!! Once I got my hands on this book, I just could not put it down. The characters in this book are a reflection of people in this world that are dealing with real problems, and can be delivered from them through God's word. Reading this book will help encourage those that may be struggling to get help. This book lets us see the POWER God has and how he can work through anyone. This is most definitely a book that MEN should read also. Please go out and tell everyone about this book, I know I will."

Rezinia Rosemond, Greenville, South Carolina

"Best Book I've read in years.. I just want to say to Nikole Morgan ....OMG... PICKING UP HIS PIECES, THIS BOOK I GIVE 10 STARS. Nikole Morgan did a remarkable job. I couldn't believe this was her 1st book. Once I started reading it, the book grabbed me. I laughed out loud, I got mad, sad, and cried. The characters were so real. If you enjoy a good fictional book that will grab you, hold you, make you smile, cry, grab your bible, & minister to you, PLEASE read this book. This book is definitely a book you want in your library. Nikole, I can't wait for the next one. It was Awesome, I loved it."

Denise Henderson, Greenville, South Carolina

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