"Picking Up His Pieces"
by: Nikole Miller

Donae walked into Ray’s office and rushed over to his bathroom to tinkle. She washed and then dried her hands on the monogrammed towels that she’d purchased for him as a just because gift. Although he hated surprises, he loved that his wife was so thoughtful. Laughing loudly at herself, she started undressing, leaving on her purple lace thong and matching bra. Grabbing her clutch purse, she touched up her make-up so she’d look irresistible from head to toe. Knowing Ray was a fragrance fanatic, she dabbed a few drops in all his favorite places. Strolling around his office in her sexy undies, she admired the photos of their children on his desk. Both were the splitting image of Ray. Donae often thought the only part she played was in the fun of making them and the pain of having them. Aggressively Donae studied their photos for a sign of her DNA, only to rediscover the one thing they inherited from her was her gleaming smile.

Spotting a photo of herself, she giggled at the snapshot Ray had taken of her with a huge afro. She’d just taken her braids out that day and her hair was tightly crinkled. As she started to pick it out, he snapped the picture. Although she hated that photo, he loved it, saying it captured her natural beauty. Donae wondered if all the pictures on his desk of her and the kids were an escape from a stressful day. She wondered if Ray had experienced any of those hectic days some of the management wives were referring to.

It was at that moment when Donae realized how truly blessed she was. She loved her life, her husband, her job, and her children, but most of all her God, for spilling so much favor into their lives. Donae was so grateful for everything the Lord had brought them through and thanked Him for giving her such a great man. Ray was an awesome protector and provider. Tonight she had celebrated his dream, and on this night, not only one dream would come true, but two.

Making a pit stop by the waste can, she made it official, and then excitedly raced to the restroom to grab her cell phone from her clutch purse. Once she was pleased with her seductive allure, she struck a pose on his soft leather sofa and snapped the shot, certain that the picture mail would speed him considerably.

The text message under her picture read: Congrats 2 U Honey! Waiting 4 u - HURRY. Before she pressed “send,” the sound of whispering voices outside Ray’s door sounded an alarm for her to hide. Racing to the bathroom, she quickly closed the door leaving only a small crack. Donae was certain that whoever was with Ray would soon be rushed out once her French manicure nail hit the “send” button.

Ray rushed into his office nervously. Behind him was an univited guest, almost on his heels.